Spectral Comparison, Blackbody 5500  &  3 LEDs
Spectral comparison

Transition, Blackbody 5500 to 3 LEDs
Transition, Blackbody 5500 to 3 LEDs
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Each ball and arrow correspond to 1 of 64 Munsell papers measured by Vrhel.
The center of the ball is the paper's stimulus vector under Blackbody5500.
The arrow tip is the stimulus vector under 3 LEDs.
Tristimulus vector of Reference Light (5500K blackbody) = [3.338, 0.3331, 2.178].
Tristimulus vector of LED Light = [3.338, 0.3331, 2.178].
LED amplitudes are adjusted to match the blackbody.
All points are plotted by detailed calculations, no simplifying assumptions.
The spheres are the blackbody locus at a fixed radius from origin.
Starting with the reddest, the temperatures are: [2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, 7000, 1e+004, 2e+004, 1e+005]

BB 5500 --> 3 LEDs, Color shifts in 2D
Color shifts projected into v2-v1 plane.
Color shifts projected into v2-v3 plane.